At Sage Fine Jewelry, the majority of our work is one of a kind, from the pieces on display in the shop to those showcased in our media. We also specialize in custom work, which can be an especially rewarding experience for client and jeweler.

We work closely with clients, getting to know their style and needs before embarking on the design process. Communication is key in collaborating on a piece tailored to an individual.

Come to us with a vision, a sketch, loose stones or just a desire to create something unique and elegant and we can accommodate. Custom work includes anything from designing and creating a brand new piece to redesigning an heirloom for a more up-to-date look while honoring the piece’s sentimental value.

Bringing a custom piece to life isn’t just a process for us, it’s a ritual. One that begins with a pencil and paper and ends with adorning the client in something beautiful. From the initial design, we’ll make a 3-D model that we share with the client. Next step, we craft the final piece, using the chosen metals and gems.

Custom work is not exclusive to local clients. We can easily facilitate the custom collaboration via email and phone.

Stop by the shop or email us to get the custom process started.