What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.


Do you sell gift cards?

Gift cards are available in-store only.


Do you take custom projects or work with a customer’s own materials?

Yes, metal and stones can be repurposed or up cycled to create future heirlooms. We are only taking custom projects in the store at this time.


I’m interested in a certain piece, but I don’t see the metal I want. Are other options available?

Some pieces may be available in alternate metals/colors. Please contact us with your inquiry.


I’m a jeweler and I’d like to sell my work at SAGE. Who can I contact?

Please send your line sheets to sagefinejewelry@gmail.com


I would like to exhibit my artwork in the Waco studio. Who should I contact?

Contact - sagefinejewelry@gmail.com  

Are your diamonds conflict-free and your metals ethically sourced?

Yes. All our artists comply with The Kimberly Process, a set of UN-approved controls put in place to prevent the trade of diamonds that fund groups responsible for human rights violations. To find out more about Kimberly Process certification, please refer to the official site

All our artists use recycled metals in the creation of their hand-made, fine jewelry.


My piece has broken. How can I fix it?

If a piece you have purchased with us breaks or encounters any damage, we are happy to repair it for you. Please send us an email at virage.goldsmiths@gmail.com for a repair authorization number and instructions.


I don’t see my size listed on the item I want. How can I order my size?

If you do not see your size listed as a dropdown option, please leave a comment at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your request. If for any reason we are unable to fulfill your request, your order will be cancelled and all funds returned to your card.


How do I figure out my ring size?

Most jewelry stores or department stores have finger gauges and are happy to help you find your size. If you are unable to get to a store, you can refer to the below general guide, although this will likely not yield as accurate a result (place a thin strip of paper around your finger to measure the circumference):

Size 3 = 44.2 millimeters

Size 3-1/2 = 45.5 millimeters

Size 4 = 46.8 millimeters

Size 4-1/2 = 48.0 millimeters

Size 5 = 49.3 millimeters

Size 5-1/2 = 50.6 millimeters

Size 6 = 51.9 millimeters

Size 6-1/2 = 53.1 millimeters

Size 7 = 54.4 millimeters

Size 7-1/2 = 55.7 millimeters

Size 8 = 57.0 millimeters

Size 8-1/2 = 58.3 millimeters

Size 9 = 59.5 millimeters

Size 9-1/2 = 60.8 millimeters

Size 10 = 62.1 millimeters

Size 10-1/2 = 63.4 millimeters

Size 11 = 64.6 millimeters

Size 11-1/2 = 65.9 millimeters

Size 12 = 67.2 millimeters

Size 12-1/2 = 68.5 millimeters

Size 13 = 69.7 millimeters

Size 13-1/2 = 71.0 millimeters

Keep in mind that your ring should be fairly snug, sliding over the knuckle with a bit of resistance.


Why do some rings have a resize option and some do not?

Most of the rings that we have in stock have the option to be resized. Some rings can not be resized and require a special order to be placed with the designer in order to obtain the correct ring size. An eternity band would be an example of a ring that would require a special order and would not have a resize option. Rings that are one of a kind and that are vintage can only be resized, a special order for the correct ring size can not be placed. In some cases it is more time efficient to resize a ring that we have in stock rather than waiting on a special order. If you have any questions about resizing a ring or placing a special order please contact us here.

Is there a place for additional comments at checkout?

Yes. If you have any requests or concerns related to your order (gift wrapping, ring size, etc), please let us know in the comment box under Step 3 of your checkout. 



Can I rush my order?

In-stock items may be rushed provided that no resizing is required. Please refer to our shipping options upon checkout.


Do you ship internationally? How much does it cost to do so?

Yes, we ship internationally. All international shipments are sent through Fedex International Priority. There is a $65 flat rate fee for shipments outside of the United States. We are not responsible for any duties, taxes, and fees associated with your international shipment.  All international shipments are final sale.

What is your return policy?

You can find our full return policy here.